Heworked his way up until he was ableto buythe place

New Berkeley Spats owners hope for fall opening

Nathan George at Spats. Photo: Emilie Raguso

Walking into Shattuck Avenue Spats in downtown Berkeley, it hard to believe it out of operation since 2009. Tables and chairs fake louis bag are still in place, there liquor behind the bar. The quirky decor complete with, among many other touches, taxidermy trophiesand a Greco Roman styledmannequin woman appears to be free of dust and ready to entertain once again.

It looks like all it might take is the flip of aswitch to get the business running and, with a new team of owners having recently bought the building where Spats operated for decades, the bar may be poised to open again this fake designer bags fall.

Nathan George, a local developer who describes his approach as building Berkeley, is one partner of about a dozen people who bought 1974 Shattuck Ave. with the goalof reopening Spats under its old name. The team is also exploring, longer term, the possibility ofhousing on the property.

George said recently that the prior owner, Philip Taw https://www.dolabuy.su/ , began as a replica louis vuitton bags from china dishwasher at Spatsin the early 1970s. Heworked his way up until he was ableto buythe place with 1:1 replica handbags his wife, Cynthia, and another pair, about a decade later. There so much history replica louis vuitton of the people who have come through here. All over the East Bay 1:1 replica handbags , people have known about it. Loved it. Others said it may have been shut down for a time in that period as part of an investigation into an auto theft ring. Berkeleyside hopes to learn more about the restaurant history in the coming months.]

Spats in downtown Berkeley has been closed since 2009. Photo: Emilie Raguso

The Spats decor in downtown Berkeley: a mix of frat house comfort, unique antiques and kitsch of all cheap replica handbags kinds. Photo: Emilie RagusoWroteone admireron Yelp, in 2009, re open! I really want to patronize you, so do my friends that I will make come with me. I really want to drink the Fog Cutter. I want fruity drinks in a library setting with kitsch. I want an alternative to high quality replica handbags china Triple Rock loudness. But, on balance, Spats seems to have more devoteesthan detractors. And it was a staple of the downtown Berkeley entertainment scene for longerthan anyone can quite remember.

been a bar and a restaurant for a long, long time, saidMark Rhoades, a planning consultant who is working on the Spats project. least into the early 60s. At least. Murray Sibley opened Spats in Berkeley after moving to the Bay Area as a teenager in the 1950s and entering the hospitality industry. As per her obituary, she and Spats famous among the city for its well known drink the Cutter Karen spent her life in the restaurant industry enjoying a lifetime of making customers feel welcome. She died in 2012.

(One blog credits Oakland Trader Vic with creating a drink called theFog Cutter as well as the Mai Tai but did not include dry ice in adescription of its ingredients.)

Spats in downtown Berkeley is named after a short cloth gaiter that covers the instep and ankle of the foot. Photo: Emilie Raguso

section is closed at Spats in Berkeley, but maybe not for long. Photo: Emilie Raguso

George said the investors in his group include UC Berkeley alumni of which he himself is one, former neighbors of his from Blake Street, and people who Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags live in the Bay Area or nearby. He describes them as and family. recalledtaking his wife to Spats in 2007, before they becameengaged. But Tawneeded to find the right person for the job.

wanted to pass it off to somebody he trusted, said George. was an emotional hand off. It was hard for him to let go, even once he was comfortable with it. was reportedly on the market in 2011 for $1.75 million, but Taw and his wife retained ownership until earlier this summer when George and his partners closed the deal.

(Taw could not be reached for comment despite repeated attempts since Aug. 11.)

On the right aaa replica designer handbags , a long red velvet couch that supposedly came from an oldbrothel on Berkeley Way. Photo: Emilie Raguso

It a jungle in there: the rear area of Spats features a aaa replica designer handbags jungle paradise, complete with wooden parrots, in downtown Berkeley. Photo: Emilie Raguso

George said he been in touch with several operators and would liketo rent the space to someone who willrun Spats under its old name. Either that, or the team could hire someone to do just that.

The business still has an active liquor license, and George said he spoken with several people in the area who are interested in the possibilities. He working on getting permits from the city to bring Spatsup to code, as far as the bathrooms and also the weather worn sign out front.

George described Spats as museum on the inside, with what reputed to be a Louis Vuitton trunk serving as a table, as well as a 15 foot long burgundyvelvet couch that supposedly came from an old brothel onBerkeley Way. Street signs from around aaa replica designer handbags downtown and a variety of antiques are mixed in throughout the high quality designer replica handbags sprawling four room spacewith alcohol themed decorations one might find in a frat house or sports bar. There are also two gazebos, and a large back room with a tiki feel ina lively jungle motif.

Spats in downtown Berkeley is like museum on the inside. Photo: Emilie Raguso

The weathered Spats sign is one item that would need to be updated if the business opens again. Photo: Emilie Raguso.

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